09 January 2012

Days 28, 29, and 30, your happiness is not more important.

Let me rant for a minute, my airman treats me like his happiness
is more important than mine, and it in fact, isn't. not one
bit. Just because he is in the military doesn't make him
more important than me. I stay home, I wait on him..I don't have
to. Supporting him is like a full time job on top of my own job,
it's not easy, it's never been easy. So why does he get to act
like I do nothing, like his happiness is more important than mine.
Doesn't it matter what I want? Does my hopes and dreams for the
future even matter to him anymore? I don't even know. He acts
like I'm no where near as important as him and then pretends
to be all sweet and acts offended when I finally get pissed about
it. Okay, rant over.
This weekend was of course, uneventful. We texted mostly and
played words with friends. (By the way, great game to play with
your Airman while he is away..as long as you both have Android
powered phones or iPhones.) He finally read a little bit of
this blog, my wonderful baby..he didn't seem impressed. Leave it
to a man. I love this blog, I love the wonderful people that
I have met through this blog, and I never want to give it up.
There's nothing like being in a military relationship, it's
something that words can never describe, and when you start
arguing with all this distance between you, it's so hard to deal.
It's like your ability to function is just taken from you,
I'll be honest, we've argued like crazy lately, over everything.
We are driving each other crazy, I can't sleep or eat...I feel
terrible. I hate arguing with all of this distance between us,
it's so hard. As always, all of you wonderful people can contact
me through email: diaryofanairforcegirlfriend@aol.com OR facebook:
http://www.facebook.com/diaryofanairforcegirlfriend OR twitter:

06 January 2012

day 27, one of them days

I am just having one of those days, I haven't been able to sleep or eat. I feel terrible. I literally just want to curl into a little ball and cry, I can feel the weight of every little thing that I have ever done wrong nearly crushing me, every argument I have ever had replays in my head. But I wouldn't change it, everything that I've done has lead me to where I am today. I'm an airmans girlfriend, he needs me to be strong. He needs my support, I can't start feeling like this now. As always you can email me at: diaryofanairforcegirlfriend@AOL.com find the Diary on Facebook at: HTTP://WWW.Facebook.com/diaryofanairforcegirlfriend or follow me on twitter: @Willis_Lacey

day 26.

Day 26, starting to get upset.
I hate how sometimes when I try to have a serious conversation with my airman and he is immature about it and completely ignores it. I hate I don't get to have these conversations with him in person. Some people just don't understand how hard it is to maintain a military relationship. I wish it were easier but if it were it wouldn't be so rewarding. As always feel free to email me at diaryofanairforcegirlfriend@AOL.com or contact me through the Diary's Fb page: HTTP://WWW.Facebook.com/diaryofanairforcegirlfriend

04 January 2012

Day 25, it's constant irritation.

I find myself getting constantly irritated with my bf, I know he is busy, I really do.
But is it that hard to text me back when he is off duty? I seriously get irritated with
him, it's ridiculous for him to take hours to text me back while he is off duty. I
know that he wants to spend time with his friends and such, but damn..I wait
all damn day to hear from him. I want to say a special thank you to the ladies who
emailed me last night with useful information about marraige in the USAF, it was
a big help!! I'm also doing a little research on my own, and I will be putting a
blog up with the information that I find here in a few days!! I'm getting super
excited about planning my trip to Lackland (the second time!!), I can't wait
until I get to order all of my tickets and such. :) I've had a few ladies email
me from addresses that have return emails blocked, so I am sorry if I haven't
replied, but I kinda can't. If you don't hear from me, send me a message on
facebook. :) As always, you can email me at: diaryofanairforcegirlfriend@aol.com
or check out The Diary's facebook page at: http://www.facebook.com/diaryofanairforcegirlfriend
or now you can even follow me on twitter: @willis_lacey
Thank you for all of your continued support!!

03 January 2012

Day 23, Christmas Exodus, and Day 24.

I had a wonderful break with my Airman ladies, I hope the ones of you that
got to spend it with your Airman did too!! I just want to say that I'm so glad
that I have you ladies, and this blog. I have a wonderful surprise for you ladies,
and I will let you know what it is soon enough. ;) I will be flying back to San
Antonio to spend time with my Airman at the end of February, I'm excited to
get the tickets ordered so I can start my countdown again. Sorry I didn't write
during exodus, but I couldn't bear to spend time doing anything else but spend
time with my wonderful Airman while he was home. I dropped him off at the
airport yesterday afternoon and the tears in his eyes nearly killed me. It hurts
to know that once again I am going to go weeks without seeing him, but I
am truly glad that I have had the honor of experiencing life as an USAF
girlfriend. It's a great experience. I'm sure by now all of you know that D
has a year and a half remote deployment to South Korea, which is scary
enough. While he was home we weighed our options, to get married before
he leaves or not to. To get married while he is still in tech, or to do it after he
gets out. I want to know your opinions ladies. What paperwork is neccesary
to fill out if you get married to someone in the Air Force? What do we need
to know to make life a little easier on us? Anyone who knows or just wants
to give me an opinion, email me at: diaryofanairforcegirlfriend@aol.com or
check out the diary's facebook page at: http://www.facebook.com/diaryofanairforcegirlfriend
Here are some pictures from his time back home: