21 February 2012

Guest blogger: Samantha

I know I am a day late, and I am so sorry. I have had the flu and the blog had
some technical issues that I am still trying to work out!
"Hi everyone! My boyfriend, J, and I have been together for almost a year now. We've known each other since we were babies (our parents knew each other since high school). We grew up together and he is and always has been my best friend (sappy...I know). Well we lost touch here and there, but always managed to get back in contact with each other.
When J told me he was thinking of joining the Air Force, the first thought that came to my mind was, "Another person I love is leaving for the military…great." You see, I've had a number of friends, family members, and close friends of the family leave for the military. Before all of this, I would always say to myself and friends that I wouldn't ever date a military man. I always said dating a military man just wasn't for me, it was impossible. Hence, why I was upset, worried, disappointed, and much more. Despite all of these negative emotions, there was no question as to whether or not I would support J with his decision to join the Air Force. I loved him and that was all that mattered.
While he was in BMT we kept in touch by writing and our very short phone calls once in a while. I missed talking to him, but I would write to him and keep my letters positive. Despite the fact that I had an insane amount of class work and studying I had to do. I didn't want him worrying about me while he was in there; they had enough on their plates. When he graduated from BMT it was amazing to hear that the letters I sent him and our love for each other kept him positive.
So far, everything seems like we are the common military couple and we are in terms of the love we share and support we provide each other. However, there is one difference and that is that I am a full time pre-med student (INSANE). While he is in the Air Force, I will be graduating from college with my Bachelor's degree and attending medical school for 4 years. While in medical school, I won't have all the time in the world to talk to him, which is going to make things very difficult for us. Also, he's going to be missing out on a lot, such as my graduation from undergrad, my accelerated nursing program, and quite possibly medical school.
The whole point of me telling you about our story is to show that not all military couples marry and then follow each other wherever the military takes them. J and I don't have that option for the next few years, but this is me telling everyone that it IS possible. It is 100% possible to continue your education and be in a military relationship. I've had a lot of friends give up on their dreams to follow their loved ones and yes that's GREAT! I'm not downsizing their decisions AT ALL; I just know it's not for me. Then on the other hand, I have friends that struggle with maintaining their lives AND their relationships with the military being involved. Like I said before, it's a challenge, but we are military significant others, since when do we turn down a challenge??? J
I'm going to step off of my soap box now, but I am going to offer this…if anyone wants to talk or has anything on their minds about anything related to what I talked about here…here's my email address: srg5130@aol.com. PLEASE feel free to email me!

Thank you for reading The Diary!
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15 February 2012

My Valentine's day....

was awful. One of the worst days ever, I didn't even get told Happy Valentine's day..by
anyone at all. It really pisses me off. My entire day was terrible. I hope you guys
had a better one than I did. Today has already started out awful, I put my shoes on
the wrong feet, and I've already been cussed out once. Oh, the joys of working for
the state. This job is so emotionally exhausting for me, it's not even hard...I just hate
all the emotional things that comes with it. I wish I could be cold hearted and not
care, but I'm all too sensitive. Remember, if you are interested in being a guest blogger,
send me an email.
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13 February 2012

Guest Blogger: Emilie

My boyfriend and I have known each other for four years.  We have been together as a couple for a year of that.  We met my freshman year and have been through some crazy things together.   I am not sure where I would be without Brandon. (I hate to go real sappy on you but i guess you could say we are high school sweethearts)  He has taught me to love and trust the Lord completly and that God would take care of everything so I don't need to be scared.  He loves me through all the stupid things I do.  Yes it sucks that he won't be able to come to my senior prom or high school graduation.  He won't be able to see my college dorm or college life.  I want him to be part of my life but circumstances have changed and he takes part in other ways.  There are things about this expience that I would go back and do with more poise and self control.  I would be a stronger girlfriend and never show how scared I am but in the end we are making it work (and sometimes it takes alot of work) I hope our story can help you find encouragment and feel God's love through your struggles. 
    Brandon and I use to spend litterally all day talking and hanging out.  The only awake time we weren't talking or texting was when one of us was driving home from beign with the other.  I knew when he left for BMT that it would be hard for both of us.  I never expected what was to come.  You littereally feel like throwing up.  Getting out of bed became a difficult task instead of a normal part of my day. I found ordinary things hard when Brandon was gone.  Everything reminded me that he wasn't here Praying for a phone call and a letter became a part of my daily routine.  The lack of text messages and the constant weight sitting in my stomach was a reminder of how much I loved him and why I was holding on so long. I could keep myself busy during the day pretty well. It was the time that I was laying in bed  right before I fell asleep or right after I woke up that made days difficult.  I wrote  religiously.  Everynight and sometimes more than once during the day.  His envelopes always came with 2 or more letters in them.  I also LOVE to take pictures.  I always sent pictures.  I took pictures of what I did everyday, my doodles in class, his family, my family, my friends, and me, the leaves changing colors, the first snow Anything that he would have missed.  B said that letters and pictures are what kept them going.  You can never send to many pictures or letters.  That is what keeps them going.  They enjoy bragging about them in what little downtime they have.  One thing I wasn't prepared for was the kind of missing him I would do.  I knew I would want to talk to him and hang out and be "lovey".  But  I simply missed his presence.  I missed the simple fact of knowing he was there.  I didn't realize that everything I did would remind me of him.  I told him one time in our notes that I just wanted him to come home.  I didn't care if we argued for hours.  I just wanted to be close to him and smell him and feel his hand brush mine. It seems stupid to want to argue but I would have done anything to bring him home to me. 
    Before B let for BMT I had him go with me to pick out a new notebook that we both liked.  Then any stupid or super sad sappy things I had to say I wrote  to him in there; then he could read them later but he didn't get letters from me about how kids at school were making fun of me or how I had an awful day and I wasn't sure how I would make it to the end of BMT.  He recieved how class was going, how work was, how much I missed him, and I signed every single letter and note the exact same way.
    Graduation is awsome.  I was so nervous at the coin ceremony.  I didn't know that they couldn't move until you touched them so I messed that part up and he ended up moving first or we would have stood there all day.  It is so nice to see them and be close to and talk to the Airman.  Be prepared they haven't been able to think for themselves for 8 1/2 weeks (B pretty much forgot how).  At one point B asked persmission to use the bathroom (we told him yes) Being on base will make them super nervous to I recomend not spending alot of time there.  Take him somewhere quiet and not to down town San Antonio there are to many people and it is to loud for the freshly released Airman.  They become very stressed out. 
    The other thing I wasn't prepared for was the huge transition it is from BMT to tech school.  Part of you is ready for a hollywood love.  Long phone calls and lots of time to do whatever.  The reality is the Airman are just as stressed at the begining of tech school as BMT. They want to talk but can't figure out how to do it.  I wasn't ready for that difficult transition.  Things did get better but it was hard.  We both went to bed sometimes with hurt feeling and couldn't talk about them for a couple of day.  You have to trust that your airman won't cheat on you. You can't think that they are off with the girls.  If you made it through BMT then God has a plan for the two of you.  You have to trust each other completly or you will drive each other crazy.  Don't plan you whole day around his schedule If you get invited out then go out occassionally.  Neither of you can be expected to sit around and wait for the other.  It sucks to miss a phone call but the most important thing I have learned is that even though I love B more than anything I need to go out and laugh with my girls or have a popcorn fight in the middle of the movie theater.  Maybe even just blare your music, sing and drive till I find a spot to think.  once in a while take the time and competely focus on you for an hour or so don't think about school, work, your to do list. Forget about friends, family, the Airforce, and yes even your Airman.  Talk with God, sit and enjoy the quiet do anything to take your mind off of the stressful situations You will come back with a new understanding and a rejuvinated strength to go on.  Be content don't spend all your time wishing days away till you see your airman again.  Enjoy your time apart and the time together will seem even better.
    As you and your Airman travel throguh this chapter in your lives together you will recognize one of two things. 1.) the Airforce is not for the two of you as a couple and I can't say that it is for everyone.  A military relationship is hard but it is so much more rewarding than an everyday relationship when you are with the person you love; or 2.) You will notice that the boy you watched get on a bus over 2 months ago is your best friend, your secret keeper, your love, the first person you want to tell everything to. The one you want to protect and take away all his pain.  The one who you want to make happy. The one that no matter how many miles apart you are he is still the only one in your heart.  He is your love your one and only and now that boy is a Man, an incredible person, and a United States Airman.  You are proud to call him yours and you brag at every chance given.  You will wait forever for his return.  It is well worth all the struggles, tears, anger, and hurt to love your Airman to the end of time. (This is what B and I are discovering)

There it is hope you enjoyed it
Emilie Aaren

I want to say a special thank you to Emilie for being our first guest blogger.
I look forward to having more of you on as guest bloggers!!
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10 February 2012

I'm going to get a tattoo today!!

I'm super excited, I am getting "m'aimer pour qui je suis" on my shoulder!!
(It means love me for who I am.) I'm also getting a double helix piercing!!
Do any of my readers have any tips for a girl getting her first tat?
I didn't even talk to D yesterday so I don't have any updates, he's currently
at a training camp so I'll probably get to start talking to him again in the next few
days! Going days without talking to him makes me kinda crazy, I worry so much..
I know he's safe, but idk..I guess the fact that he's in the military puts that scared
thought in the back of my head.
Also, today is my payday...so shopping here I come!!
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09 February 2012

I have a surprise!

I'm going to start featuring a new guest blogger every Monday! If you are
interested in applying, please email me at: diaryofanairforcegirlfriend@aol.com
Here's how it will work:
You send me an email letting me know that you are interested, I will send you
a questionnaire, fill it out & return it, then I will contact you with scheduling information.
If you are chose to be a guest blogger, additional information will be provided.
You will be given full credit for your blog post, and will be notified if any
part of your blog is edited.

With that said, send me those emails! I'm interested in hearing from all sorts of
people, military significant others, and even people who have served in the military
or are currently serving!

On a different note, after talking last night, I think that D has decided that he
doesn't want to make a career out of the Air Force. Who knows though
really, he changes his mind 850 times a minute. I can honestly say that tech
school has been harder than basic was, we can actually talk and argue!!
Haha, not that we argue a whole lot. Oh yeah, and another surprise ladies.
;) Prepare yourselves for girly screams.

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08 February 2012

It's been a good long while, maybe I should explain.

"What doesn't kill you makes you stronger."

There have been some kinks in the road, and let me assure you that everything
is okay. My younger sister was hospitilized, my grandmother had a heart attack,
and D had some temporary mental issues. Everything is okay, and everyone is okay;
but as you all should know, sometimes with the military lifestyle...things come up.
I had to take some time off from blogging to take care of all these issues, because
well...family comes first. As a refresher for our new readers, D is in tech school
and he will be deployed in late March, early April. I'm Lacey, I'm the support system
for this Airman. Being an Airman's girl is an every day struggle, and the point of this
blog is to show fellow military s/o's that they are not alone. One thing that I have learned
is that these brave men and women are under an EXTREME amount of stress, they don't
need additional stress added. Sometimes being supportive is hard, especially when
you are hurting from the stresses of your own life. Lonliness is a common feeling
among military s/o's and even among the Airmen themselves. If you make the
decision to be with a man or woman in the military, you just need to be sure. Second
guessing yourself after you've already been dealing with the military lifestyle is the most
awful feeling in the world. Just be sure, because you can never prepare yourself for something
like this. On a different note, if you have any questions, comments, concerns, or if you
just want to chat feel free to send me an email, like the diary on facebook, or follow me on twitter.
 (I'm back for good, I missed all of you!!)
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